Recruitment channels management tool

  • Set your terms and conditions via our centralized price request module and benefit from an optimized service
  • Get connected with your recruitment channels (inter)national and local based on your preference and/or driven by data-learning and artificiel intelligence:
  • Temporary workforce agencies
  • Selection and recruitment
  • Outscourcing
  • Freelancing
  • Benefit from the Rada-HR partnerships
  • Post your vacancies automatically on job boards. Make the right choice based on data-learning and efficiency
  • Post your vacancies automatically on social media. Select the most efficient channel based on data-learning.
  • Benefit from the unique and automated LinkedIn-integration
  • Configure, manage and automate your own jobpage, linked to your website, via the Rada-HR platform. Optimize your « employer branding » thanks to our integrated tools
  • Connect your company data, legal documents and contacts to all of your recruitment channels. Efficient, centralized and automated!

Vacancies management tool

  • Write your vacancies or use our copywriting options
  • (Re)activate your vacancies and select your recruitment channels, automatically based on profile, efficiency, A.I. and data-learning
  • Set your prefered channels by using an automated timeslot
  • Your vacancies are automatically set and communicated to the recruitment channels you have selected
  • Benefit from centralized communication via the Rada-HR platform, automated mail notifications or using the mobile application
  • Every change or progress of your vacancy is automatically communicated to your recruitment channels

Candidate Applicant Module

  • Centralized management of candidates proposed by your recruitment partners and direct applicants via job boards, social media or your own job page
  • Automated and centralized feedback module
  • Integration of A.I. in function of automated and efficient selection of the right profiles
  • Centralized communication with your recruiters or candidates by mail notifications, chatbox, chatbots via the platform and/or the mobile app
  • Invite the candidate (in)directly using our platform, connected to your own agenda. Benefit from an automated « invite » module
  • Thanks to our tracking module, everyone using the platform, stays up to date about the progress of the application
  • Use our innovative assessment tool and ensure the perfect match
  • You will be kept informed in real time, if required, of direct of indirect spontaneous applications

Reporting module

  • What are your high-performing recruitment channels?
  • Which channels should you use for certain profiles?
  • What is the average duration of your vacancy?
  • Which channels provide the most optimal return on investment?
  • How many resumes do you need to plan one single interview? How many interviews are required to evolve into a recruitment?

Acquire the right insights thanks to our dynamic reports!

Performance & invoice management module

Soon available

Centralized management of your temporary employees via the Rada-HR platform. Rada-HR provides links between the platform and the solutions of your temporary employment partners.

Since the conditions and prices between your company and your partners were included in data on the platform, you can enjoy automatic invoice verification.

Contact us at +32 800 62 4 65 for more information

Artificiel intelligence en data-learning

Artificial intelligence and data learning will be essential for an efficient recruitment process. Rada-HR works intensively with imec and Microsoft to create and offer the perfect solution.

Through data-learning you can acquire the right insights in terms of:

  • The right match of profiles
  • The best performing recruitment partners linked to certain sectors and / or profiles
  • The average response time of your recruitment channels
  • The suitable job boards
  • The performance of your own vacancy page
  • The Rada-HR platform will inform you about the most suitable channels to increase the efficiency of your recruitment.
  • Big data provides general knowledge that you can use. But we want to go beyond generalities: based on your feedback on the performance of your recruitment channels and your feedback on suitable candidates, the platform will provide you with a personalized overview based on your preferences or company culture.
  • In this way, for example, based on your use, the platform can already make a selection of suitable and less suitable candidates.
  • Automate your HR processes through artificial intelligence. Just think of chatbots for the most recurring questions or communication with different channels. Or how the use of A.I. to automatically analyze feedback in a cognitive way. What to say about using AI in performance management?

Take advantage of the many possibilities on your Rada-HR platform!

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