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Rada-HR is an efficient tool for both recruiting partners and HR, allowing you to get a clear overview of all candidates and to quickly and easily assess a candidate. After one month we were able to fill in 4 out of 5 vacancies! And also nice: the service of Rada-HR is great!

about Radar-HR:


For us, Rada-HR is the ideal recruiting solution. We can react rapidly, which is a necessity in the current market. Our main partners are also satisfied with the platform of Rada-HR. Internally, different people can easily follow up the system.

about Radar-HR:


The platform is self explanatory. It is time-saving and the e-mail traffic is limited. The communication regarding a candidate can easily be found as well.

about Radar-HR:

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In the War for Talent, the ‘candidate experience’ is a crucial factor and you have to give candidates a smooth, fast and efficient experience during the recruitment process. Rada-HR is a fine example of how technology can meke the difference in this regard. In addition, Rada-HR also offers the insights which HR can use to optimize its recruitment process.

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